Tips to Help You Decide to Stay in or Sell Your Tampa Bay Home

Is it the right time to sell your Tampa Bay Home? The 2014 Florida real estate market is heating up! Mortgage rates are rising, housing prices are increasing, and homebuyers are growing confident. But that doesn’t mean all homeowners in the Tampa Bay area should jump at the chance to sell. These tips will help you decide whether to stay or sell your Tampa Bay home this year.

Look at the Size
What are your motives for selling your home in the St. Pete/Clearwater area? Does it come down to size? suggests, “If the main concern about a home is size, a more affordable, less stressful option may be to sell and find a home with enough space to accommodate [your] family.”

Look at the Maintenance
How much maintenance is associated with keeping up your little piece of Tampa Bay real estate? Big maintenance projects like a new roof or new heating or cooling system can be pricey for a homeowner. If you are not in the position to make these repairs, the value of your home will only suffer and it may be time to sell now.

Look at the Equity
A top reason to stay in your current homes in St. Pete/Clearwater is the level of rising equity you may have. If you expect the levels to rise, it may be best that you stay. also advises, “Homeowners already in love with their place should continue to enjoy the comforts of home and reap the benefits of increased equity when the time does come to sell.”

Look at the Location
When it comes to Florida real estate, it’s all about location. Love where you are in the Tampa Bay area? Stay put! Schools, neighbors, community, and commute time are major factors that homeowners should consider this year. These are all excellent reasons to stay in your home and all go “beyond money and the economy,” as says.

Have more questions about staying or selling in the Tampa Bay area this year? Contact me today to discuss! As your St. Pete/Clearwater real estate expert, I am happy to go over the benefits of both decisions.

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