Staging Your Tampa Bay Home for Quick Sale

Making your home stand out in a crowd of eager home sellers can be challenging this season. But now that you’ve made the decision to sell your home in the Tampa Bay area, a few things need to be done to help your home attract the right homebuyers. Confidence is growing in the St. Pete/Clearwater market and first impressions will go a long way, so make a great one with staging. It doesn’t take much time or money to stage your home on a budget and make a splash. Here’s how:

Your home can actually appear larger and younger without clutter, so take the time to clear out the old and unnecessary. Nothing should take up valuable space in your home— no mail or papers on the counters, no small appliances cluttering the kitchen, no personal photos or knick knacks sitting around. Tampa Bay area homebuyers will notice that the home feels more open and be able to visualize themselves living there.

Out with the Old
Clear out the big furniture or move it to another area, especially outdated pieces that may be blocking focal points like fireplaces or windows with a view. If you’ve noticed the space feels crowded, do a walk through. If the flow feels off or difficult to navigate, take all of the furniture out of the room and edit the furniture accordingly.

Every Room Should Have a Purpose
St. Pete homebuyers want to see that each room has a purpose, but may also want to know alternate uses. For instance, you may be using that spare bedroom for an office, but consider setting up a card in the room that says “third bedroom” to drive that point. But be aware, if you’ve turned your dining room into a craft space, you should change it back before listing your Florida home.

Welcome Homebuyers
Details are everything when it comes to the exterior of your homes in Clearwater or St. Pete. That may mean installing a new mailbox or replacing the house numbers— homebuyers like to feel welcomed to Tampa Bay area real estate. It doesn’t take much money to do this, but simply adding a new welcome mat can really increase a homebuyer’s perspective of your home before they even step inside.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how we can attract the right buyers to your homes in St. Pete and Clearwater. As your Tampa Bay area real estate agent, I’d love to chat about the strategy that can get your home sold in the right amount of time and of course, at the right price. I look forward to hearing from you!

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