Home Seller Tips

Tampa Home Seller Tips:

Obtaining an attractive offer for your home begins with having it “market ready” and pricing it wisely. Here are some tips to help you!

1. Please keep in mind that the amount you paid for your Tampa Area home does not influence the current market value. Nor is your property tax assessment an indicator of current market value. Online home value tools offer a starting point, they cannot take individual factors, like home condition, into account.

2. A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), prepared by a real estate professional, is the best way to determine the correct price range for your home. The CMA is a local analysis of recently sold homes with features similar to yours.

3. While I provide information and expertise, the actual list price is up to you! Sellers are often tempted to bump up the listing price, assuming they will have to lower it in negotiation, but this is not a valid assumption, nor a good strategy.
If your Florida home is overpriced…

• It will have to compete with other homes for sale that offer more living space and amenities for the money.
• It may be ignored by home buyers and their brokers, who are aware of current market values.
• It may face problems with bank appraisals. If the home appraisal fails to justify the price, the bank may deny the buyer’s mortgage, causing the deal to fall through.
• In the long run, most over-priced homes end up selling for less than the original recommended price range.
Strategies to net top dollar for your home!

1. Your home should be in the best possible condition before being placed on the market. Address any deferred maintenance. However, you should avoid needless remodeling; not all projects offer a good return for the money.

2. Pay attention to curb appeal! A tidy yard, a well-maintained exterior and clean, gleaming windows show pride of ownership.

3. Home interiors should be clean and bright. Waxed floors, new carpeting, freshly-painted walls, and new window treatments can provide an updated look for a modest cost. Windows should be sparkling clear and allow plenty of natural light.

4. All home mechanicals should be in good working order. If your home has an older hot water heater or dated appliances, consider offering a home warranty.
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