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Welcome to Tampa, FL!

Tampa, Florida is rich in history and overwhelming beauty, not to mention being the largest city in Hillsborough County and the third most populated city in Florida. From the jaw-dropping beaches, attractions like Busch Gardens and it’s various museums and additional attractions, all resting on a modern landscape, Tampa has become a sought after place for residents to live everyday like a vacation. Click the link above to find out more about what Tampa has to offer!



Welcome to Clearwater, FL!

Clearwater, Florida, named Florida’s best beach town in 2013 by USA Today, offers a never ending supply of entertainment, gorgeous beaches and outdoor activities, including both on land and on the water. The downtown area has undergone major redevelopment to expand on its natural beauty. Miles of sugar white sand and crystal clear waters are calling you! Click the link about to discover if Clearwater is right for you! It won’t be a hard decision!

Welcome to St. Petersburg, FL!

St. Petersburg, Florida, voted #1 as the best of the top 10 beach destinations by TripAdvisor.com, is referred to the local population at St. Pete. It’s named the Sunshine City due to its average of 361 days of sunshine each year, as well as its Guinness World Record for most consecutive days of sunshine. Click the link above to explore the many ammenities St. Petersburg boasts that truly make it a wonderful place to live. Ocean lovers will truly find their home here!