Make the Best Impression in Tampa Bay Real Estate This Year

With spring now underway and homebuyers that much more eager to get into new homes in the Tampa Bay area, it’s time home sellers took the necessary steps to ensure home sale success. From simply cleaning up the yard to replacing hardware, below are a few tips and tricks to help sell your Clearwater home this spring— and bonus, attract the right, motivated Florida homebuyers!

Start with the Yard
It all starts with the exterior of the home as it’s the first impression a St Pete homebuyer will have. Messy yard? Homebuyers will notice and enter your home with a less-than-excited mindset from the beginning. Clean up your yard this weekend— mow your yard to a short length and be sure all flowers, shrubs, and trees are trimmed properly. Remove all weeds and debris like leaves that may have fallen in front of your home.

Plant Flowers!
Landscaping is an easy way for homebuyers to start a home tour (either online or in person) with a sunny disposition. You as the home seller, especially with the level of rising confidence in the Tampa Bay real estate market now, should be sure to plant flowers at your home this spring and ensure the landscaping you have is something you would be impressed by at another home in the area.

Wash Off the Dirt
Spring brings a host of cleaning, but that means outside your Florida homes too! With your garden hose, use the strongest setting and clean the dirt off of your sidewalks, driveways, and front of your home. “If you do use a power washer, don’t put it close to windows or doorways,” one maintenance expert told HGTV’s Front Door. “The pressure can remove caulk and other materials sealing your home.”

Brighten Up the Lights
Light up your homes in St Pete and Clearwater by replacing your current fixtures. This can instantly brighten up the exterior of your property, priming the place for any homebuyers that may take a cruise by after dark. Your home will be lit up, clean and in turn, present a great impression no matter the time of day!

As your Tampa Bay real estate expert, I am happy to help you sell your homes in St Pete and Clearwater! Contact me today for more tips on home seller success.

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