Homebuyer Myths in Tampa Bay Area Real Estate

When you set out to purchase a new home in the Tampa Bay area, you may turn to family and friends for advice. Especially if you’re new to the real estate market, you will want to gather as much information as possible. But not all of that information may be accurate. It’s best to turn to your Tampa Bay real estate professional— I’m happy to answer your questions and help save you time and money in your home purchase. The market has changed drastically over the past few years, here are some homebuying myths to be wary of as you embark on your home search:

Myth: You Don’t Need an Agent
One of the most common myths in St. Pete, Clearwater real estate is that you do not need a real estate agent. Many homebuyers believe they can do everything on their own, without professional assistance, but that’s just not the case. As this is the biggest purchase you will ever make, I am happy to guide you every step of the way because I’ve been there before. You need someone in your corner to navigate the in’s and out’s of the local real estate market and how you can make the most of it.

Myth: The Home Is the Only One for You
When you find a home you love in St. Pete/Clearwater, it may be hard to visualize yourself in any other property. But truth be told, there will be other homes. Just because you think you’ve found your dream house, stay realistic. That home may come packaged with a higher price tag and problems to be fixed. Be prepared to shop around, don’t be ready to settle, and no home will ever be “too special” to pass up.

Myth: You Need a 20 Percent Downpayment
Twenty percent down used to be the standard, but that is not the bottom line in today’s market. If you don’t feel a large downpayment is in the mix for you, but you have a favorable credit score and a stable income, buying a home in the Tampa Bay area may still be possible. I will walk you through mortgage scenarios that can require little down payment to purchase real estate.

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