Home Buyers Tips

Florida Home Buyer Tips:

1. Whether you are a long-distance buyer or a local resident, I can help you find the ideal Florida home! By working with me, you will obtain regular updates on new listings, market data and sales trends, and local real estate news. You will make the best decisions by being empowered, informed and prepared!

2. If you are buying a Florida vacation home, you will be pleased to know that second home financing is alive and well! I work with trustworthy lenders who offer mortgages on second homes, and I will be happy to refer you to them.

3. I also have a complete network of industry professionals such as attorneys, home inspectors, home builders, home maintenance and rental management companies, and more.

4. Ready to get started? Once you are pre-approved for your mortgage, consider your priorities – such as location, water access, amenities, number of bedrooms and baths, and your price range.

5. Next, consider your favorite location. Waterfront, or golf community? Think about your lifestyle and the type of outdoor recreation you enjoy. Consider the proximity to shopping, dining and medical services. If you are unfamiliar with Clearwater, St. Petersburg or the Tampa Bay area, share your priorities with me, and I will match them to the best locations for your needs.

6. You may wish to broaden your home search area to include more communities. I will help you by providing new listings as they arrive on the market, and by screening all active listings against your criteria.

7. When you find your ideal home in Clearwater, St. Petersburg or the surrounding Tampa Bay area, make your best offer first! Nothing is more frustrating than losing your favorite listing to a competing bid – especially when the offers are fairly close to each other, which they often are.

8. Contingencies protect your interests when making an offer; it’s customary to make a home purchase contingent upon financing approval, or upon a satisfactory home inspection report. However, insisting on too many contingencies could cause your offer to be refused.
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