Finding Your St. Pete/Clearwater, FL Neighborhood

This spring, many Florida homeowners are making the move to sell. But this season, it’s not just the number of bedrooms or outdoor space that peaks homebuyer interest— it’s the neighborhood. The neighborhood is one of the major selling aspects of homes in the Tampa Bay area and also helps your home hold its value when you’re ready to sell. Ready to move on this spring? The neighborhood is what will make it easy to move to your next dream home in St. Pete or Clearwater.

So how do you know if you’re home is in a great neighborhood? Or, on the flip side, if you’re a homebuyer, how do you know what makes a great neighborhood? Be on the lookout for the following factors:

It’s On Your Wish List
As a homebuyer, the best neighborhood is the one that meets your wants and needs. You may find Tampa Bay area real estate that you love, but it may not be close to your workplace. When searching for a neighborhood, keep in mind your wish list. Your ideal will be different from other buyers— is your ideal a home with trees, parks, and close to entertainment? Make note of that when shopping for Florida real estate.

Act Like a Local
If you find a home in St. Pete or Clearwater that interests you, don’t be afraid to ask the neighbors for their opinions on traffic, noise, and pros and cons. Acting like a local can often get you the insider’s perspective on a neighborhood, including getting a feel for the area by visiting local shops and attending open houses.

You Can Shop
One of the selling points of a home is its proximity to shops, entertainment, and commute time. As a home seller, if you see new shops and restaurants— especially coffee shops— going in, it’s a great sign the neighborhood is on the up and up. As a homebuyer, look for these things. It’s a great sign the neighborhood is stable and full of life as these establishments typically do market research to determine the best spots to invest.

Are you ready to buy a new home in the Tampa Bay area? I can help you determine the right neighborhoods to begin your home search and help with selling your current home. As your Tampa Bay real estate expert, I am happy to discuss the other factors that make a great neighborhood, including finding “walkable” areas and locations where homeownership is high. Contact me today!

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